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Stories and Songs of a Rising Generation


What the World Needs Now

CommonChord Project brings teenagers together from diverse communities to create and perform original songs.

Our pre-college Summer Institute is part cultural/social exchange and part intensive arts training. Students are guided by master teaching artists in composition, songwriting, performance and intergroup relations. Original songs are then turned into music videos to be shared widely on social media platforms.

Young people are inheriting a divided country. Yet we believe that the next generation is in a unique position to break down these social barriers through the transformative power of music.

Our intention is that the work we create will inspire people on a larger scale — one song at a time.


Shaping culture through story & song

At CommonChord Project, we affirm the voices of young people and their courage, resilience, enthusiasm, and insight. Our society’s preoccupation with celebrity culture buries the creative contributions and discoveries of the next generation — voices that can have a positive social impact and uplift the human spirit. 

We believe that participation in the arts — especially the making of original work — is a powerful way to develop critical life skills of cooperative problem-solving, self-discovery and empathy.

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wisdom we love

Music can change the world because it can change people.

- Bono


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The inaugural season will take place in Denver - July 12-14, 2019.

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