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We have scarcely lived in a time of greater social division. In the place of a positive, unified national identity, we have hunkered down into our own special-interest groups and sound bubbles. Many people no longer see their neighbors as fellow citizens — rather they have become “Others.”

As the national atmosphere has become increasingly divisive and polarized, many Americans are asking, “Where is our empathy for others?” and “How will our ever-expanding national divide affect the next generation’s civic imagination, values, and sense of connection with each other?”

CommonChord Project's answer to these challenges is to cultivate a new kind of cultural leadership of young people — a network of deliberative friendships and collaborations that will hopefully last a lifetime.

Our first Workshop will be held in Denver in July, 2019. We are actively recruiting students from both urban and rural backgrounds to forge new friendships and understandings across what has been a national social divide.


wisdom we love

Somebody asked me in an interview, if I had a bumper sticker, what would my bumper sticker be? And I said, 'Just another version of you.' And that's what I think we all are — versions of each other because we have to come to the understanding that we are one. 

- Norman Lear


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