CommonChord Summer Songwriting Intensive (CCSI), is for teens interested in songwriting, composition, performance and the role empathy plays in our lives and in society.

The end goal are original songs that recorded along with produced music videos to be distributed worldwide. 

But, it’s in the process where the real magic happens...

Participants get the opportunity of working close-up with renowned teaching artists as equals — discussing issues and eliciting ideas until themes and stories emerge. That’s when the real fun begins.

Participants work together and on their own -

  • exploring connections between ideas -- musical, lyrical, and emotional - through group discussions and self-reflection.

    Followed up by hands-on learning in -

  • structuring lyrical ideas

  • musical composition

And training in -

  • arrangement, singing and performance

Finally, the ensemble revises, polishes, rehearses, and performs their work for a live audience. Portions are also filmed to be used for distribution as CommonChord’s music-videos.

Our approach to developing original work, has been cultivated for over 30 years and has transformed the lives of hundreds of students from diverse communities across the United States. CCSI builds on this legacy for the next generation of future creative thinkers, innovators, and citizen artists. Unlike many pre-college programs, we accept  students who have limited arts training or exposure.

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wisdom we love

Your humanity is your instrument.

- Wayne Shorter


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Summer WORKSHOP 2019

Our inaugural season will take place at in Denver - July, 12-14, 2019.

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